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Aimee van Wynsberghe, assistant professor of ethics and technology at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and co-founder and president of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, will be presenting a keynote address at ITWeb  2018.

In addition, Van Wynsberghe is a member of the 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology, where she heads the robotics task force, and a member of the board of the Institute for Accountability and Internet Democracy. In addition, she serves as a member of the Advisory board for the  & Intelligent  Network.

She has been named one of the top 400 influential women under 38 in the Netherlands by VIVA as well as one of the 25 ‘women in robotics you need to know about’. Van Wynsberghe authored the book Healthcare Robots: Ethics, Design, and Implementation and has been awarded an NWO personal research grant to study how we can responsibly design service robots.

A robotics revolution

According to Van Wynsberghe, the world has entered the robotics revolution, with robotics and AI being used for industry applications, as well as humanitarian relief and healthcare aid. And hand in hand with the benefits of new technologies, she says there are risks that society needs to recognise.

Her presentation will take a look at some of the ethical issues raised through the widespread use of AI and robotics in various sectors, and how putting human values at the core of AI systems calls for a mindshift of researchers and developers.

Angela Mace, CRM and events director of ITWeb, says Van Wynsberghe is one of the most notable experts on AI and robotics in the world, and bringing her on board will add tremendous value to the event.

“Her depth of knowledge and expertise will give attendees a true understanding of the ethics involved with AI and robotics, as well as the element of human responsibility.”

Mace says delegates will learn how AI, machine learning and robotics have the ability to greatly enhance current businesses and help them remain competitive and survive in the era of digital disruption.

“Over and above a fantastic line-up of local and international speakers, attendees will enjoy a mixture of theoretical and practical information, as well as interactive panel discussions on controversial topics. The event features two half-day practical workshops, and a variety of networking sessions too,” concludes Mace.

The ITWeb Artificial Intelligence 2018, will be held on 1 and 2 August, at The Forum in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

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