3 Smart Products for Home Automation

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Imagine a scenario where all your devices could connect to the Internet. Not just your smartphones, laptops, and e-Readers, but everything – speakers, lights, clocks, switches, electric appliances, doorbells, you name it. Furthermore, what if these devices could communicate with you, send information, and even take your commands? No, it’s not really a scene from a Science Fiction movie, but an interesting concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT comprises a network that consistsof physical devices or ‘things,’ which are implanted with software, sensors, and other novel technologies to exchange data and connect with other systems and devices across the Internet. By the end of 2020, it is predicted that there will be more than 31 billion IoT devices present across the world.

IoT is the fundamental driving force behind home automation and smart homes. Home automation is precisely as its name suggests, automating the process to control things around the house, whether its curtains or lights, with a simple voice command or the push of a button.

Some of the activities, like setting up the AC to turn off or on at your whim, are simple and inexpensive. On the other hand, items such as home sensors or advanced surveillance cameras require a more significant investment.

There are a variety of home automation categories ranging from temperature and lights to home security devices, and they happen to make fantastic gifts. Here are some of the popular smart products for home automation that are ruling the market:

  • Wiser Home Control

Wiser Home Control converts your home into a smart one by seamlessly integrating multimedia, telecommunication, and electrical technologies into a single user-friendly solution. This smart home solution is capable of converting all appliances and switches into connected devices, which can be regulated and operated through voice commands or an app on your phone. This solution is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

The home controller application has an easy to understand UI (user interface). Apart from this, it also provides support for air conditioning, lighting, audio, and other equipment. Since home security is a priority for most people, Wiser Home Control is also integrated with a security system. This security system alerts you if there’s an intrusion in your home, and it also allows you to monitor your home through your mobile phone. This home automation solution is offered in three packages, namely Wiser Prime, Wiser Grand, and Wiser Luxury.

  • NetGear Arlo Q

You might be wondering that smart devices are more for entertainment and convenience purposes, but that is not the case. NetGear Arlo Q is a smart device meant for home security. This home automation device records high-quality videos and audios, and it also captures exceptionally defined images of people in darkness.

You have the option of customizing its features such that it automatically starts recording when you are not at home. You can also set a time-based schedule for the camera to function. Another advantage of this smart home security system is that it offers seven days of audio and video backup for free, making it a worthwhile investment on the whole.

  • Smart Touch

Smart Touch is a range of premium smart switches offered by Schneider Electric. Smart Touch allows you to control your lights and fans with a single touch. These smart switches offer intelligent control thanks to its configurable memory and innovative application.

Such designer switches come with elegant and stylish panels meant for the millennial lifestyle. This home automation device is compatible with IR (infrared) technology and Wi-Fi. It is affordably priced and thus offers you the best of all worlds.

Home Automation – A Pathway to the Future

The implementation of home automation has become increasingly popular, with the industry expected to reach $81,645 million by 2023 while growing at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 11.2%.

If you are interested in purchasing home automation or smart devices, you should check out the vast range of products offered by top brands in this sector. Additionally, you could reach out to professionals who can provide you withproduct recommendations after careful considerations for aspects such as the size of your home, the requirements, and the budget.

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