AWS announces AI tools to assist contact center workflows

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Amazon Web Services Inc. today debuted a suite of Contact Center Intelligence services that customers can use to add more intelligence to their contact center operations.

AWS CCI is a combination of services that enables companies to bring machine learning capabilities including text-to-speech, language comprehension, translation, enterprise search, business intelligence and chatbots to their contact centers. These capabilities can be used to help with tasks such as self-service, live-call analytics and agent assist, and post-call analytics, Amazon said.

In a blog post, AWS developer advocate Alejandra Quetzalli said the AWS CCI services are being made available through partners such as Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., Vonage Holdings Corp. and UiPath Inc. and integrated with existing enterprise contact center systems.

The services are designed to aid companies in various aspects of their contact center workflows, Quetzalli said.

For example, the Self-Service solution is meant to help companies create chatbots and interactive voice response systems that can handle some of the most common queries contact centers receive, enabling human operators to focus on other tasks. Quetzalli said customers will need to employ this capability with the company’s Amazon Lex service for building chatbots, and Amazon Kendra, an enterprise search service the chatbots can use to find the answers to people’s queries.

“The novelty of this solution is that Lex + Kendra not only fulfills transactional queries (i.e. book a hotel room or reset my password), but also addresses the long tail of customers questions whose answers live in enterprises knowledge systems,” Quetzalli said.

Meanwhile, Live Call Analytics & Agent Assist enables contact center staff to get a better understanding of what a caller is asking for. The service relies on Amazon Transcribe for real-time speech transcription and Amazon Comprehend to analyze conversations to detect caller’s sentiments and any key phrases that might be pertinent. In addition, Live Call Analytics & Agent Assist can tap into Amazon Translate if the caller is unable to speak the operator’s language.

Finally, the Post-Call Analytics tool carries out automatic analysis of call center conversations and provides insights that can be used to improve the service they offer. It also leverages Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend, as well as Amazon Kendra.

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