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AI, or artificial intelligence, has become huge in recent years and has affected many aspects of our society. We’ve seen it in our restaurants, our hospitals, and even our schools. AI is even impacting the latest casino bonuses. Since many people like to gamble online, online casinos have implemented AI to help you beat probabilities and earn you more bonuses. However, you sometimes have to wonder whether AI is affecting your life as well. Can AI affect how people live their lives? In fact, can AI affect everything in our society?

AI in Restaurants

We all need food to survive, and what better way to eat food than in a restaurant with our closest friends and family? In the past, a friendly cashier would ask what you would like to order via the front desk or the drive-thru. Nowadays, many restaurants like McDonald’s have got kiosks to place your order- no human interaction necessary. Humans are known to make mistakes, and mistakes can take a long time to resolve.

AI Kiosks in Restaurants

That’s why, along with the rapid development of technology, restaurants are implementing AI kiosks for customers to customize their orders. Some customers see this change as an improvement over announcing their orders to an underpaid cashier. Employers see this change as a way to save money in the long run. Others, however, do not trust these kiosks. What happens if the AI makes a mistake on their order or when other noises disrupt the AI? Humans create AI, after all, and humans do make mistakes. Whatever is the case, restaurants are dead set on implementing AIs into their buildings.

AI in Hospitals

Hospitals have been more important now than ever, which means employees there are working harder. This means AI can make doctors’ and nurses’ work easier. Healthcare, much like technology, is a part of science, so it makes sense for these two industries to work together. For example, many hospitals use AI to pinpoint treatment for cancer patients and to help doctors collect store, and access data. Both of these points make treating and serving patients better and easier. AI has also helped healthcare employees maintain records and save them money. For those reasons, a good majority of healthcare workers welcome these changes into their hospitals.

AI in Schools

Children are seen as our future, and school is usually the first place they go to. Children also have an easier time adapting to advancing technology. Naturally, it’s no secret that AI technology is going to infiltrate our schools. Pupils are already using computers in the classrooms, so how is AI going to change much for them? While this technology can help students learn more, there are also more things AI offers.

AI for Mental Health?

One academy chain in England is using AI to detect the mental health of pupils. Private schools such as Repton and St Paul’s are tracking their pupils’ mental health to predict self-harm, drug abuse, and eating disorders. How this works is that pupils take a psychological test called AS Tracking and are asked questions such as ‘How easy is it for somebody to come into your space?’. Some teachers find this preferable over having pupils talking about their problems. Teenagers are private people, so AIs have a great impact in letting them release their emotions and frustrations.


It’s no secret that AI has affected many parts of our society, and there’s no going back to the past. However, can AI impact everything in our society? We think it might. It’s affecting our society right now, so who knows how much more it can affect? That’s how technology works.

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