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Analytics Insight provides a glimpse of top Data Science software available in 2021.

The data explosion in the tech-driven world has instigated reputed organizations to utilize useful Data Science software to transform multiple sets of complex data into meaningful business insights against competitors worldwide. The emergence of the data-driven culture has provided a plethora of job opportunities in the field of Data Science where the professionals implement data visualization tools for effective data management. Data management is a long process of cultivating real-time data into in-depth outcomes with predictive analytics. Let’s look at some of the top Data Science software available in 2021 to boost productivity efficiently.

Top Data Science software you must know in 2021


Tableau is one of the popular Data Science software that guides users to have a better understanding of the complex raw data. The visual analytics platform helps in data visualization to solve complex problems efficiently. It also provides unlimited data exploration without any disturbance in the flow of data. This predictive analytics help in data management to enhance customer relationship for the long term. There are six types of products that Tableau offers to the users— Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Prep, Tableau CRM, and Tableau Public.


BigML is an accessible and consumable platform that brings machine learning close to the users for exploring the hidden predictive analytics of complex data efficiently. Users can build sophisticated machine learning solutions by implementing the predictive patterns from complex sets of data.  BigML also helps to automate regression, time series forecasting also topic modeling tasks with end-to-end seamless transformation. It allows interactive data visualization and to export visual charts to smart devices. There are multiple BigML products for appropriate data management like BigML Bindings, BigMLer, BigML for Alexa, BigML Zapier App, BigML-GAS, BigML PredictServer, and BigMLX.


MATLAB is one of the well-known Data Science software that helps to analyze data, develop algorithms as well as create models for organizations. The code is always production-ready for users to integrate it with data sources and business systems.  This platform provides data visualization with interactive graphics and customizable functions. MATLAB helps data scientists inefficiently data management with vector graphics files such as PDF, EPS, and PNG as well as deep learning algorithms.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is one of the most used Data Science software that provides a powerful predictive analytics engine for data management and stream processing. It has a record of achieving high performance with a DAG scheduler, a query optimizer as well as a physical execution engine. It allows data scientists to get access to complex data for machine learning, SQL, and so on. Apache Spark offers multiple machine learning APIs that are programmable in R, Python, Java, Scala, and many more.


Jupyter is known as a non-profit and 100% open-source project that supports Data Science across all programming languages such as Python, R, Scala, Julia, and other forty languages. Jupyter Notebooks can be shared with email, Dropbox, GitHub and the codes can generate interactive output like HTML, images, videos, LaTeX, and so on. Data scientists can utilize this powerful 3D data visualization tool known as K3D-Jupyter to perform effective data management to create predictive machine learning models.


TensorFlow is a popular end-to-end open-source machine learning platform that provides a flexible ecosystem of data visualization tools, libraries, and other community resources to deploy machine learning applications. It provides a variety of applications like speech recognition, image and language generations from complex sets of data to the data scientists.


RapidMiner is known as one of the best Data Science and machine learning end-to-end platforms that provides an integrated platform for appropriate data management to drive revenue. It consists of multiple products like RapidMiner Studio, RapidMiner Go, RapidMiner Notebooks, and RapidMiner AI Hub for data scientists to generate business insights. RapidMiner allows data scientists to automate predefined connections as well as to use built-in templates for repetitive workflows. It also removes the complexity of data preparation and machine learning for data scientists.


LumenData is a master in data management that transforms complex sets of large-scale data into viable opportunities. It helps organizations to modernize approaches to data management. It brings the technical know-how to enhance the data quality and implement solutions in clouds.

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