Clarkson University now offering MS degree In applied data science

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POTSDAM — Every day, companies use data in innovative ways to inform their decisions—in everything from targeted marketing to autonomous driving vehicles. Data scientists are the people who analyze, review and present that valuable information to predict outcomes, and provide data-enabled insights critical to making important decisions.

Clarkson University now offers a master of science degree in applied data science, one of today’s most in-demand fields.

“By renaming our program to applied data science, we now more accurately reflect the focus of what students learn in courses on the management, analysis, interpretation, and manipulation of large, complex data sets,” said Operations and Information Systems Professor Boris Jukic, director of the program. “This degree offers a multi-disciplinary education that differentiates Clarkson graduates in the global job marketplace. The skills they gain here allow them to critically evaluate and address real-world problems from a data-enabled perspective.”

The program combines skills and methodologies from applied statistics, business, computer science, and software engineering in statistics, mathematics, computer science, and software engineering. Students learn to integrate knowledge discovery, ranging from traditional statistical methods to various data mining techniques with machine learning, data design and management, as well as necessary programming and math skills. With a solid foundation in the essentials, students have the flexibility to pursue what they find most interesting and provide value to virtually any organization.

According to Dr. Boris Jukic, the new program “breaks down the barriers between traditional departments. To be a true data professional, one must possess a certain level of competence in each of the key disciplines.”

Clarkson University’s Master of Science in Applied Data Science blends business, mathematics, and computer science to prepare students for data-related careers in virtually every sector. The 36-credit program equips graduates to turn big data into smart data and unleash the extraordinary potential of new knowledge.

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, this master’s attracts students with diverse backgrounds, including technology and engineering, but also liberal arts and social science. The ideal applicant, Professor Jukic noted, is one who is comfortable with spreadsheet analysis, favors evidence-based decision-making, and loves solving problems.

The program is available both campus-based and online, and there are full and part-time options. For those interested in an intensive experience, it is possible to complete the MS in Applied Data Science in an accelerated, one-year plan. However, the program is also offered in a more traditional two-year format. For more information go to

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