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Data and Information are languages that determine the success of modern businesses. Data literacy is thus an important organisational asset. It helps enterprises to transform business decision-making skills, interpret findings from the data available to take informed action, besides increased corporate performance with an informed workforce empowered to unlock enhanced levels of value and insight from data.

To explain what it means to have a truly open relationship with data, leading business intelligence platform Qlik, organised QlikWorld Online an exhaustive virtual event with over 100 breakout sessions, demo stations and networking to unlock the hidden potential of big data with the power of data literacy.

The online event focussed to demystify data for the modern data enterprise focussing on-

  • Data Innovation
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Pipelines
  • Data Literacy
  • Data synergies
  • DataOps for Analytics

The keynote was delivered by Mike Capone, Qlik CEO who described what it meant to have a truly open relationship with data, guiding forward Qlik’s commitment to bring best-in-class solutions to help transform business and improve society.

Qlik’s Chief Product Officer James Fisher, and Qlik Chief Marketing Officer, Rick Jackson, shared the product keynote address explaining through the industry’s most complete end-to-end platform, redefining the art of possibilities to enable informed agility.

To leverage data, deliver stronger value, Qlik Introduced Qlik Community Ideation which saw a participation of over 200 entries brainstorming on over 450 ideas, the main pointers revolving around the Data Analytics Fabric encapsulating big data and embedded data and the dynamic shift from traditional BI based on pre-configured, curated datasets, to a revolutionary active BI characterised as continued intelligence derived from real-time, up-to-date data specifically triggered to take immediate actions.

Data Literacy- Driving Focus on 2020

To modernise the modern analytics landscape, Qlik focussed to move work to cloud thereby engaging in more use cases to drive user adoption, investing in actionable data, and creating data-pipelines to put ready data to analytics models.  Qlik asserts that to promote data awareness, the need of the hour is to promote strategic investments in education to support data literacy initiatives, achievable through-

  1. Reducing the TCO (Total cost of ownership) through SaaS cloud.
  2. Modernize enterprise analytics initiatives.
  3. Building data pipelines.
  4. Driving user adoption.
  5. Moving data insights into actionable outcomes.

Building End to End Value with Data

Building an enterprise data integration environment that enables organisations to understand data and to reach more users across value chain was bought to live with Qlik’s business-ready data catalogue that focuses on augmented analytics to create action for value creation and embedded analytics to extend data analytics outside eco-system and add value on the point of decision.

Qlik aims to promote ‘Free-Data-Find-Data’ concept, to let data unlock itself from silos through data integration.  The business ready data catalogue, renamed as Qlik Catalogue+ DataOps for Analytics improve an enterprise’s communication with its data by envisaging data integration for automation by leveraging real-time data to disrupt how data is shared across the enterprise.

Qlik offers three different capabilities-

1. Unique data capture approach- Keeping data up to date whether it is stored over data lakes or a data warehouse.

2. Move data into the cloud– Build modern data warehouses that move and orchestrate data from multiple sources like data lake/warehouse to be analytics-ready, thereby mitigating the chances of error, and increase confidence in data.

3. Bridge the gap between IT and Business with Data Catalogue- Simplify the way for the businesses to find, access and take action on this business-ready data captured in data pipelines.

Promoting Data Literacy Initiatives

In a bid to engage data literacy across the organisation, Qlik promotes Data Literacy as a Service to drive customer success and build a culture driven by data by-

  • Expanding real-time data replication sources and targets (data real-time streaming) by supporting customer requirements with a special emphasis on the cloud.
  • Data warehouse automation by continuing investments over AWS, Azure, Google & Snowflake platforms.
  • Data lake creation with Databricks, AZURE, Google that increase efficiency and replace error-prone manual processes to drive more value to the enterprise.
  • QVD generation from source files and its maintenance and management in real-time.
  • Data visibility from data integration into analytics on-premises and the cloud.
  • Data governance through identification, security and conformance to boost data security.

Analytics Insight was invited to attend the QlikWorld Online Virtual Event, secluded from June 24-25, 2020. This article shares the excerpts of the event.

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