List of Top IT companies in Jharkhand

In this blog, we are going to talk about Top IT companies in Jharkhand mostly in Bokaro and Ranchi.

Let’s begin –

1) CotocusCotocus is a software company that deals with Digital innovations, Global consulting, and IT services.

 It is a Bangalore-based software development IT Company with a serious commitment to its client and communities with 5 products that resolve multiple problems in tech education, health care, professional services, Travel, and the digital domain.

It is one of the tops and best companies of Jharkhand that has branches in Bokaro, Ranchi, etc.

It provides services to IT domain projects, Digital domain projects, Tech domain projects, etc.

It has over 875+ clients.

2) HolidayLandmark Holiday Landmark is a software IT Company that provides tour events at one of the best places to be toured.

It organizes events for you like day, date, time, and place to show you the places and make your day full of fun and one of the best moments of your life.

It provides a list of holiday categories to go as per choice and can fix your price and your tour events.

This facility is for everyone doesn’t matter from which country and state he/she is.

This software development company’s purpose is to provide you best and top places to make your days happy.

This facility is provided in all places like Bokaro, Ranchi (Jharkhand), etc.

3) ProfessnowProfessnow is software made by its company which is a software development company.

 It is a platform where anyone can find any professionals (Carpenter, Doctors, beautician, chef, Plumber, Mechanic, CA, Web designers, etc.) to make your daily chores or important work done.

This is one of the best or you can say the top place to find any professionals that are very difficult to find or you have to do so much hard work to find.

This is a very good initiative that has been taken by this IT Company.

This company is in so many cities like Bokaro, Ranchi (Jharkhand), Hyderabad, etc.

This app is available in Google and Apple Play store. This app provides the details of professionals like phone number, name, etc, to contact them and make them serve you.

4) DevOpsSchoolDevOpsSchool is one of the best and top companies that provides tech and software training to students and working professionals.

Basically, it provides the latest technologies training that is on-demand on IT companies and helps professionals to become perfect on their work ad could achieve something good in their life.

It deals with DevOps, DevSecOps, Site reliability engineering (SRE), AIOps, AI, Machine learning, GitOps, DataOps, and so many important toolsets and concepts to make people leverage all these and can do something good in their life.

There are so many benefits provided by this company during the training like Online and offline classes, completion certificates, video recordings, notes, PDFs, slides, projects, etc.

5) Wizbrand Wizbrand is a software development IT Company that provides online digital marketing software like it has its own software name wizbrand.

This company is best in its work and provides top-class services that help organizations and millions of digital marketers in managing all digital marketing projects, assets, tasks, resources, track their progress and stay organized with a centralized workspace.

You just need to register, log in, create an organization, task assign, and assign the project to start your work.

You can collaborate online here and share your project plans.

SEO agencies, marketing teams, Sales teams, etc., are those who can use this software.

Some features of this software are Rank tracking, SEO audit, and crawl, website optimization, traffic monitoring.

This service is available in every place like Bokaro, Ranchi (Jharkhand), etc.

6) MARS TECHNO SOFTMars Techno Soft is an IT company that facilitates web development and Digital marketing.

This company is one of the best companies of Bokaro, Ranchi (Jharkhand).

It has helped so many companies in rebranding, redesigning, and getting to market to become a successful business.

This company was established in 2018 with a vision of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions leveraging Open Source and hardware.

This company is popular in IT and software companies and also offers improved design for web, mobile, and tablet, hosting, maintenance, and support services.

7) Jharkhand IT Solutions Jharkhand IT solutions is one of the best IT software companies that aims to provide top-quality designing, development, and marketing services to businesses across global.

This company is popular in Bokaro, Ranchi (Jharkhand), etc.

This is a master in Web designing, website redesigning, logo designing, Facebook land pages, Etc.

It has more than 300 clients whom they have served till now and has experience and expertise in providing the solutions online.

8) Wipenex IT Private LimitedWipenex IT Company is known by MSME in prior and got registered on 28th December 2016 as it was founded in December 2010 but later transformed officially in Wipenex.

It operates as a programming and IT solutions provider.

Wipenex has vast of services to provide their customer such as Software Development, Website Development, ERP Implementation, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Graphics Designing, SEO.

This company is in Bokaro, and Ranchi ( Jharkhand).

9) Horizon IT Consultancy Services Pvt. LtdHorizon is a software Development IT Company that has created so many portfolios to serve people.

This company is in Bokaro, Ranchi (Jharkhand) to serve their clients.

 It is an organization that delivers client-server solutions, standalone applications, Data conversion, Web-based software solutions, website designing, multimedia solutions, interactive product demos, IT consulting services, Software Development, search engine optimization, etc.

10) IT-SCIENTIT-SCIENT is a Leading IT US company of information technology, consulting, and outsourcing company.

Basically, it helps IT organizations in operating more effectively and profitably by specialized staffing and project implementation products and services.

This company specializes in the field of Systems Integration/EAI, ERP Functionality Extension, Business/Data Warehousing, Sales Force Automation/CRM, and Custom Application Development for vertical markets comprising telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, insurance, and energy.

This company is found to be the best in its field at Bokaro and Ranchi (Jharkhand).


In this Blog, I have covered some top 10 best IT software companies that is in Bokaro and Ranchi ( Jharkhand) and all having a serious commitment to deliver their services to their clients, and all are master at their work.

The world is changing and the ratio of companies are also increasing in every place.

Bokaro and Ranchi both are main cities of Jharkhand where companies ratio’s are increasing day by day.

So, in this Blog we have covered some and is ending here, I will cover some more in my next Blog.

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