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Along with the increasing demand for decision-making, the data science jobs to apply also grows

Data scientists are one of the most sought-after roles in the corporate world. As organizations with enormous data and the right data science talents seek more meaningful outputs, executives believe that it can drive more value and enrich their company’s stance. This has drastically surged the need for experts who can gather, study, and understand data to make business decisions. As a result, the demand for data scientists continues to grow even as the overall job market is in jeopardy. Many top companies are opening the door for data science jobs, and are willing to pay high salaries, with other benefits included. But along with the demand, the expectations for data science jobs to apply also grow. The title ‘data scientists’ may soon become obsolete as new technologies change the responsibilities of the profession. Recent data science jobs to apply also demands the candidates be technological mature and bring profit to the company. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed the top data science jobs to apply for this week, especially for aspirants.


Top Data Science Jobs to Apply for This Week

Senior Data Scientists at Flipkart

Location: Bengaluru, India

About the company: Flipkart Private Limited, is an Indian e-commerce company established in 2007. Flipkart started with a primary focus on online book sales and soon expanded to lifestyle products, electronics, home essentials, and even groceries.

Roles and responsibilities: As a Senior Data Scientist at Flipkart, the candidate is expected to drive research and development of various machine learning and statistical models, keeping business goals and product planning at the front. He/she should be able to communicate and collaborate with multiple stakeholders representing various teams. They should understand business and product needs and use advanced modelling techniques to provide fashion to the trends. The candidate should develop research and hypothesis on problem statements around ongoing work to provide additional value to the organization.


  • The candidate should hold a B.Tech degree in Computer Science or Statistics.
  • He/she is mandated to have over 8 years of professional experience through publications or deployed solutions or projects.
  • They should have a deep understanding of applied statistical analysis and predictive modelling is desired.
  • The candidate should have standard proficiency in Python or R.

Senior Data Scientist – Adv ML at Optum Global Solutions

Location: Noida, India

About the company: Optum Global Solutions, is a healthcare solution unit of UnitedHealth Group. The company’s deep expertise, advanced analytics, and innovative technology help its customers drive sustainable health economics and more personalized care.

Roles and responsibilities: As a data scientist at Optum, the candidate is expected to conduct and manage outcomes of various studies that include analyzing, reviewing, forecasting, trending, and presenting information for operational and business planning. He/she should support short and long term operational strategies and business activities by developing, enhancing, and maintaining operational information and models. Their primary responsibilities include owning the delivery of projects by working closely with cross-functional data science, data engineering, and project management teams in the role of a lead.


  • The candidate should have at least six years of professional experience in the data science field.
  • He/she should also have extraordinary skills to solve real-world problems using advanced machine learning techniques.
  • They should hold strong theoretical and practical knowledge of some of the most machine learning techniques like Random Forest, Support Vector, Machine, Gradient Boosting Machine, XGBoost, etc.
  • The candidate should have a strong theoretical and practical knowledge of deep learning techniques.

Data Scientist at HCL

Location: Noida, Chennai- India

About the company: HCL Technologies, is a leading global IT services company that helps global enterprises re-imagine and transform their businesses through digital technology transformation. The company is primarily engaged in providing a range of software services, business process outsourcing, and infrastructure service.

Roles and responsibilities: The Senior Data Scientists, should perform advanced analysis and create machine learning models for various industries. He/she should work closely with the customer, subject matter experts, and business developers. For each project, the candidate should thoroughly go through the domain and the customers to identify the customer’s data and analytic needs and then visualize an end-to-end analytic solution.


  • The candidate should have a Master’s or PhD degree in Math or computer science, or any quantitative field with additional experience.
  • He/she should be an expert in applying machine learning algorithms for anomaly detections, regressions, classifications, time-series forecasts, etc.
  • They should have good scripting skills in Python or R.
  • Experience in image analysis, optimizations, and logistics are also required.

Data Scientist: Advanced Analytics at IBM

Location: Mumbai, India

About the company: IBM, also known as International Business Machines Corporation, is an American global consulting and technology conglomerate. It builds and advertises computer hardware and software, and provides hosting, infrastructure, and consulting facilities in fields that range from nanotechnology to mainframe computers.

Roles and responsibilities: As a Data Scientist: Advanced Analytics at IBM, the candidate is expected to transform the company’s client data into tangible business value by analyzing information, communicating outcomes, and collaborating on product development. He/she should work with the IBM Q Start team on active exploratory research engagement to prepare for future use case commercialization within a specific industry. They should engage and educate client data science teams to define promising areas of quantum explosion.


  • The candidate should hold a PhD or Masters degree in STEM-related fields with knowledge in quantum computing.
  • He/she should have five years of data engineering or data science experience.
  • They should have proficiency in the classical approach to machines and linear algebra, including support vector machine (SVM) for linear categorization and singular value decomposition (SVD) to reduce the dimensionality of data.

Data Scientists and Engineers at Pfizer Limited

Location: Chennai, India

About the company: Pfizer, is a research-based global biopharmaceutical company that is engaged in the discovery, deployment, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution of biopharmaceutical products. Its global portfolio includes medicines and vaccines.

Roles and responsibilities: The data scientists or engineers working at Pfizer is expected to provide expert advanced modelling and data analytics support to all teams in the manufacturing intelligence organizations and support of project execution at PGS manufacturing sites. He/she should work on supporting the development, testing, deployment, and qualification of process soft sensor models. They should stay abreast of industry 4.0 trends and development in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and work with other MI teams to pilot new advances to drive value for PGS.


  • The candidate should have a relevant degree and background in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, or a related technical field with a strong focus on advanced analytics.
  • He/she should have data analytics or modelling experience with domain expertise and industrial exposure.
  • They should also have data science, ML, and AI experience including Scikit Learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch libraries.

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