Proximai Offering Data Science Solutions With Low-Cost AI-As-A-Service Subscriptions

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Proximai is breaking new ground in the aerospace industry as one of the first companies to offer remote, subscription-based AI consulting services and machine learning systems for aeronautics, astronautics, and astrophysics managers and engineers at commercial aerospace firms, department of defense, federal government agencies, non-government organizations, and prime & subcontractors.

Aerospace companies and agencies face complex challenges to explore and defend space. These include project backlogs, overbudgets, AI talent shortages, computer power contention, and competitive threats. AI-as-a-Service for Aerospace reduces the complexity by simplifying the solution to one low-cost subscription fee.

After a free AI Assessment, Proximai’s AI team works hand-in-hand with aerospace stakeholders behind the scenes through direct and private-label support to solve what were thought to be unsolvable problems, like object detection, manufacturing line optimization, automated data grouping, generative design optimization, and even predicting the future of space movement and patterns. Proximai’s team of U.S. based and certified data science engineers for Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA, and AWS AI platforms stand ready to serve aerospace needs.

“Not only are we creating AI solutions, but we deliver them in affordable and accessible packages to help all aerospace stakeholders capitalize on the AI promise,” said Michael R. Limotta III, Chief Technology Officer, and AI aerospace Architect at Proximai ( “One of our mutual concerns with aerospace stakeholders is security, and we address it with NIST controls, ITAR compliance, and data anonymization.”

Proximai’s AI-as-a-Service solutions provide aerospace stakeholders with the necessary tech, certifications, and expertise to solve the aerospace industry’s most common research problems. Remote services start as low as $495/Month. Aerospace companies interested in retaining AI services can take Proximai’s free AI assessment to understand how AI can play a role in achieving project goals.

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