Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ New Muscle Upgrade Uses Machine Learning

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An update to Spider-Man: Miles Morales adds machine learning technology to Miles’s muscle formation according to a lead character developer.

The new Spider-Man: Miles Morales update for the PlayStation 5 upgrades the muscles of Miles’s character models for certain suits with machine learning. Although Spider-Man: Miles Morales also released on PlayStation 4, Spider-Man: Miles Morales was arguably the best PS5 launch game. Developer Insomniac Games has only released a handful of post-release updates for the semi-sequel/spin-off to 2018’s Spider-Man on the PS4. Back in December, Insomniac added ray tracing to Miles Morales’s Performance Mode, letting the game run at a solid 60 frames per second with the Fidelity Mode’s more realistic reflections.

Aside from the more marketable resolution and framerate numbers, the new generation of consoles has differed from their predecessors with technology that is more subtle like more realistic character models, textures, lighting, and reflections. These new additions to games on the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles are what really make games have a more “next-gen.” As developers get more comfortable with these new consoles, these features will look better and be more apparent.

Josh DiCarlo, the lead character technical developer at Insomniac Games, posted side-by-side screenshots from Miles Morales’s photo mode showcasing the updates to Miles’s muscles and the difference it makes on how his Spidey suits fall on his body with machine learning technology. Miles’s new muscle builds are difficult to see unless there is a comparison photo of what they used to look like next to a photo of the update. Insomniac added support for ZivaRT, a real-time machine learning technology that aims to achieve close to film-quality shape deformation in real-time. DiCarlo explained in a reply to another tweet that ZivaRT takes Miles’s character model (bones, muscle, fat, skin, and all) along with the materials of his suit to simulate how they would fit a real person frame-by-frame.

Miles Morales received update last week, which added the new Advanced Tech Suit to both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game as well as the new muscle upgrade to the PS5 version. The update also improved stability and lighting issues found within the game. Previous updates have added save transfers from PS4 to PS5, fixed post-game day/night cycles, and fixed various bugs.

It’s always interesting to get breakdowns of new technology from video game developers. It’s easy for small details like this to get overlooked by fans and developers, so it’s cool that Insomniac is adding small touches and even new technologies to Spider-Man: Miles Morales: a game that came out months ago. Even more surprising is that Insomniac implemented this kind of update and the PS5 framerate boost to 2016’s Ratchet & Clank while the studio’s next game, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, is coming out in a few short months.

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