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Tech jobs in India are waiting for tech professionals to fill in soon

In the post-pandemic period where the job loss has been increasing in a few sectors, on the other side tech jobs are offering much-needed cushion by opening doors to new positions and opportunities. Many IT companies are looking for talents as the demand for products and services has been gaining momentum with the shift towards digital technology and services. There are hundreds of tech jobs across various tech firms, who are indeed willing to pay a premium to retain and hire talents.


According to the report of Xpheno, an expert staffing firm revealed that Indian IT services, start-ups, and other product companies are recruiting 70,000 people across almost six positions by offering a hike of over 50-60 percent. The six roles of high demand are full-stack developers, data engineers, react native developers, DevOps, backend engineers, and machine learning experts.

Tech talents

Many new positions have come up along with tech job openings post-covid period with high requirement of tech talents due to the broader trend of enterprises world moving towards digital technology and services.

Rishad Premji, Chairman of Wipro, said in a letter to the shareholders in the company’s financial year 2021 annual report, “Technology is often at the forefront of economic recovery, but especially so now, as the pandemic has precipitated structural changes across industries and challenges established ways of working”.

This shift can result in huge demand for tech jobs and talents that can be a key factor in driving the growth of tech companies. Accenture had 3,000 positions open in 2020 to 18,000 in April 2021 and now increased to 32,000. This is due to the demand for tech professionals and due to this the company is back to pre-pandemic levels. The company is also increasing the salaries according to the skills and geographies to retain the talents.

The CEO of Accenture, Julie Sweet, said during an earnings call,” It is not the highest the company has seen. It is an industry phenomenon and we are comfortable”.

The other condition is that the CEO of Cognizant, Brain Humphries during an earnings call stated that the company has lost projects as it could not hire the talents needed.

Since companies are in need of professionals, they are offering hikes and also building in-house talents to keep their employees on their side. Tech companies such as TCS, Infosys, and Wipro have already disclosed the second round of raises after they have rolled out the first one. And Accenture has promoted a record of 1.17lakh employees of which 1,200 were already to the managing director level.

The HCL Tech’s Chief Human Resources Officer, V.V Apparoa said that the company will now hire nearly 70percent of freshers more than the others in the years to come since it has hired 40percent freshers and 60percent laterals this time. With demand for skilled professionals has increased, finding talent becomes expensive day by day.

Salaries for Top Skills in Demand

Fullstack Engineers: With an experience of about 4 to 7years the package per annum is up to 20lakhs.

Data Engineers/Analytics: With an experience of about 3 to 6years the package per annum is up to 22lakhs.

React/Native: With an experience of about 4 to 7years, the package per annum is up to 22lakhs.

SRE/DevOps: With an experience of about 4 to 7years the package per annum is up to 20lakhs.

Machine Learning: With an experience of about 3 to 6years the package per annum is up to 22lakhs.

Back End Engineers: With an experience of about 4 to 7years, the package per annum is up to 20lakhs.

Tech Jobs in India

Cognizant, a multinational company that provides business consulting, IT, and outsourcing services has the highest openings for tech talents, about 35,000.

Accenture is a tech firm that provides consulting and professional services has about 32,000 openings to fill up tech talents.

IBM is a company that explores trending technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and has nearly 6,500 job opportunities.

Wipro is a giant tech company that delivers innovation-led strategy, technologies and business consultation services has 2,405 awaiting positions to fill.

Microsoft is a multinational technology company that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services has 850 job openings.

This is a great opportunity for all the tech people over there to try your luck.

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