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The hype for highest paying companies for Data Scientists attracts more Aspirants

The data science landscape is filled with opportunities spanning diverse industries. As new technologies are being added to the digital sphere year-on-year, the transformation is likely to continue into the coming decade. Owing to the increasing influence of technology in our daily lives, the demand for data science jobs has drastically spiked. The openings for data scientists are expected to go beyond 2021, adding more than 150,000 jobs in the coming years. This trend is a natural response of the digital age for adding more data into its ecosystem. Besides paying high salaries, data science jobs are demanding when it comes to talent requirements and innovation. Data science requires the expertise of professionals, who possess the skill of collecting, structuring, storing, handling and analyzing data, allowing individuals and organizations to make decisions based on insights generated from the data. On a positive note, the nature of data science jobs allows an individual to take on flexible remote works and also to be self-employed. Despite the leniency, the hype for highest paying companies for data scientists remains at the top. In this article, Analytics Insight has listed the top 10 companies that are paying a fortune for data scientists in 2021.


Top companies paying high salaries to data scientists


Data Scientist’s salary: US$124,333

Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship product, a relational database management system that’s formally called Oracle Database. In 1979, Oracle became the first company to commercialize an RDBMS platform. The enterprise software company offers a range of cloud-based applications and platforms as well as hardware and services to help companies improve their processes. Oracle recently announced the availability of its cloud data science platform, a native service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


Data Scientist’s salary: US$162,931

Pinterest is a social sharing website where individuals and businesses can ‘pin’ images on ‘boards’ in order to share visual content with friends and followers. Today, many businesses are using interest as a source to enhance their business by promoting content in it. Pinterest creates a lot of online referral traffic so it’s great for attracting attention. Pinterest has a special data science lab where its leading data scientists work to accelerate the company’s development. So far, the data science team has created a systematic approach to data science, which gives them trustworthy conclusions that are both reproducible and automatable.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$157,798

Lyft is an online ridesharing provider that offers ride booking, payment processing, and car transport services to customers in the United States. Introduced in 2012, Lyft leverages a friendly, safe, and affordable transportation option that fills empty seats in passenger vehicles already on the road by matching drivers and riders via a smartphone application. Owing to its need for data science professionals, Lyft has so far assembled a team of over 200+ data scientists with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and expertise.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$146,032

Uber is also a transportation company, well-known for its ride-hailing taxi app. The company has since become synonymous with disruptive technology, with the taxi app has swept the world, transforming transportation and giving a different business model, dubbed uberisation. Founded in 2009, the app automatically figures out the navigational route for drivers, calculates the distance and fare, and transfers the payment to the driver from users’ selected payment method. Therefore, data science is an internal part of Uber’s products and philosophy.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$137,668

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world started by Sam Walton. The company sells groceries and general merchandise, operating some 5,400 stores in the US, including about 4,800 Walmart stores and 600 Sam’s Club membership-only warehouses. Through continuous innovation and the implication of technology, the company has created a seamless experience to let its customers shop anytime and anywhere online and offline. Walmart has a broad big data ecosystem that attracts more data scientists into the entity.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$197,500

Nvidia is an artificial intelligence computing company that operates through two segments namely graphics and compute & networking. Nvidia is known as a market leader in the design of graphics processing units, or GPUs, for the gaming market, as well as systems on chips, or SOCs, for the mobile computing and automotive markets. Nvidia works on the motive that accelerated data science can dramatically boost the performance of end-to-end analytics workflows, spending up value generation while reducing cost.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$197,800

Airbnb takes a unique approach towards lodging by providing a shared economy. The platform offers someone’s home as a place to stay instead of a hotel. Airbnb began in 2008 when two designers who had space to share hosted three travelers looking for a place to stay. Today, millions of hosts and travelers choose to create an Airbnb account so they can list their space for rentals. The company is using data science to build new product offerings, improve its services, and capitalize on new marketing initiatives.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$173,503

Netflix is a streaming entertainment service company, which provides subscription services streaming movies and television episodes over the internet and sending DVDs by mail. For millions, Netflix is a de facto place to go for movies and series. Netflix was founded in 1997 by two serial entrepreneurs, Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Data science plays an important role in the Netflix routine. With the help of data science, the company gets a more realistic picture of its customers’ taste in form of graphs and charts. It eventually helps the platform’s recommendation service.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$145,172

Dropbox is a cloud storage service company that lets users save files online and sync them to their devices. Dropbox is one of the oldest and most popular cloud storage services that has strongly outperformed Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google Drive. Founded in 2007, the company offers a browser service, toolbars, and apps to upload, share, and sync files to the cloud that can be accessed across several devices.


Data Scientist’s salary: US$129,833

Genentech is a biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and commercializes medicines to treat patients. The company offers medicine for the prevention of oncology, immunology, metabolism, monoclonal antibodies, small molecules, tissue repair, and virology, as well as conducts scientific research to produce biologic medicines. The company uses its data science capabilities to enhance its performance in the market by unraveling effective medicines.

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