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Importance of AI is useful in businesses and trending currently.

Are you searching for the best artificial intelligence startup companies in Switzerland that can help with data security and cybercrime? Artificial intelligence helps businesses identify bugs and unusual user behavior in enterprise systems like ERP and economic institutions. As a result, by integrating artificial intelligence solutions into your company, you can protect your data and prevent cyberattacks.

Find below a list of top 10 AI startup companies in Switzerland to look out for in 2021:

Sophia Genetics

Sophia Genetics offers a platform for optimizing genomic research based on artificial intelligence (AI). The platform processes and analyzes genomic data from patient DNA sequence data produced by the NGS platform using machine learning algorithms. In addition, the organization validates genetic testing and provides services to hospitals and laboratories. The platform gives users access to information about disease diagnosis and precision medicine.

Ava AG

Ava AG is a corporation that specializes in medical technology. Wearable technology, women’s health care, and data science solutions are all available through the company. The Ava bracelet is the company’s first consumer product, allowing women to accurately and easily predict fertile days. Ava uses artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor personal fertility cycles using big data analytics.

Screening Eagle

Cloud-based inspection solution Screening Eagle is designed for the construction industry. Users can handle workflow and reporting with the help of AI-based real-time analytical tools provided by the company. Sensors are available from the company to collect data from the construction sector. Its mobile app for iOS devices is accessible as well.


MindMaze’s groundbreaking neuro-inspired computing technology creates intuitive human-machine interfaces. Multiple industries are set to be transformed by the company’s advances at the intersection of neuroscience, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.


Beekeeper is a communications channel for businesses in a variety of sectors, including hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and transportation. It enables users to connect with coworkers and employees. Secure one-to-one and social messaging; private and customized alerts to individuals, content management, chatbots, knowledge sharing, employee surveys, interaction analytics, and feedback polling are some of the features. It also has intelligent automation features including workflow-based communication and internal messaging campaign scheduling.


ANYbotics is a pioneer in the development of mobile robotics for industrial use. Their autonomous legged robots tackle consumer issues in difficult conditions and are exclusively available to humans – and even beyond.


Teralytics is a company that provides companies with an AI-based analytic marking solution. It gathers data on human activity around the world, combining geo-location and demographics, as well as online and purchasing habits, to build human profiles. The company then uses predictive algorithms to process and anonymize certain data points in order to design strategies for identifying the best locations for retail stores.


The motion sequences of cameramen in different scenarios are analyzed by Seervision and transformed into video processing algorithms for real-time object recognition and scene optimization. Multi-camera robot setups can interact and perform all tasks of conventional camera work autonomously using this innovation, and the outcome of the software-controlled camera can no longer be differentiated from that of a human-controlled camera.


PIQ has created a multisport sensor with a Swiss design that runs on a platform that provides real-time analytics in the cloud. It’s made to suit the best position and assess productivity without interfering with the sports sensation.


DeepCode dynamically learns from millions of available software programs and applies what it has learned to make key code improvement recommendations. Its aim is to use sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to revolutionize the way it creates programs.

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