Analytics Insight presents the top 10 Artificial Intelligence mergers and acquisitions in 2021

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has created a drastic effect on all types of businesses since March 2020. There are several Artificial Intelligence mergers and acquisitions that happened or yet to happen within hi-tech companies. The tech giants are always ready to acquire small companies that can help in earning better revenue and customer engagement with new products and services in the global market. This provides a competitive edge for the hi-tech companies in the tech-driven market across the world. Let’s explore the top 10 Artificial Intelligence mergers and acquisitions in 2021 for the welfare of society.


Microsoft to Acquire RiskIQ

Recently, Microsoft has acquired a leader in global threat intelligence and attack surface management company known as RiskIQ in July 2021. Microsoft requires strengthening the cybersecurity of digital transformation in its hybrid work environment due to the pandemic. RiskIQ has an aim to help its customers detect and access the cybersecurity of the enterprise attack surface and the supply chain. Microsoft is focused on enhancing security tools for defense against multiple cyberattacks in recent times. The Microsoft security portfolio now consists of the attack surface as well as threat intelligence solutions of RiskIQ for better customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Acquires ReFirm Labs

Microsoft is very active in Artificial Intelligence acquisitions for providing better customer service in this tech-driven world in June 2021. The aim of Microsoft is to enhance IoT security and chip-to-cloud protection for the firmware with the help of ReFirm Labs. ReFirm Labs have started enriching firmware analysis and security capabilities from the intelligent edge as well as IoT. This acquisition has brought together top-notch expertise in firmware security and the Centrifuge firmware platform. The customers can easily discover, protect and assess cyber threats at the firmware as well as the network label.

AWS to Acquire Wickr

AWS has acquired Wickr in June 2021 to provide benefits to customers and partners with advanced security features that are not available with traditional communications services. Wickr is an innovative company to brings the industry’s most secure and end-to-end encrypted communication technology in this digital world. AWS required this acquisition due to the hybrid work environment amidst the pandemic. This acquisition will help organizations adapt to the new ecosystem and collaborate more to offer new products and services to customers and partners.

IBM acquired Turbonomic

IBM acquired Turbonomic in June 2021 to drive the future of AI-driven, cross-cloud application operations. The aim of this acquisition is to help customers in application performance and governance for any application hosting platform. Turbonomic is known for its Application Resource Management that provides an application-driven consumption model to assure performance and governance. Meanwhile, IBM is known for its hybrid cross-cloud management software and services.

Pax8 merged with RocketCyber

Pax8 merged with RocketCyber in January 2021 to enable Managed Service Providers for clients through industry-leading tools. Pax8 is known as the best place for IT to purchase Cloud products. It merged with RocketCyber to deliver continuous cybersecurity detection and response efficiently. Pax8 and RocketCyber together have an aim to build technology stacks against the rise of cyberattacks amidst the pandemic.  This merger will provide exceptional security and threat protection solutions to integrate with MSP’s technology stack. The threat intelligence software and threat detection applications enable MSP to deliver risk monitoring continuously.

SentinelOne Acquires Scalyr

SentinelOne acquired Scalyr in February 2021to ingest, correlate, search, and action data from any source by delivering the industry’s most advanced integrated XDR platform. SentinelOne is known as the autonomous cybersecurity platform company and Scalyr is known as a leading cloud-native and cloud-scale data analytics platform. This acquisition is essential for building an effective XDR with the SaaS platform of Scalyr. SentinelOne can provide autonomous protection by creating a real-time data lake for multiple structured and unstructured data.

Google’s WearOS merged with Samsung’s Tizen

Google and Samsung decided to merge their WearOS and Tizen in May 2021to significantly improve battery life and 30% faster loading time with smoother animations. This merger will also help in simplifying the life of developers to create one central smartwatch OS for the Android platform. It will bring a unified wearable platform with more choices for consumers. Developers can add a customized user experience and Android tools to this platform. There will be Google Maps, YoutTube Music app and Spotify integrated into Tizen.

Jamf Acquires Wandera

Being a leader in Apple Enterprise Management, Jamf has acquired Wandera in July 2021. Wandera is a leader in zero-trust cloud security and access and the acquisition will provide help to IT and security teams in protecting smart devices, confidential data as well as applications. Wandera has developed its solutions to generate a technical advantage to customers and Apple-best unified cloud security functionalities are a bonus. It will integrate with Cloud identity providers to ensure the security of the company resources.

Amazon Merged with MGM

Amazon merged with Metro Goldwyn Mayer in May 2021 with US$8.45 billion. Being a popular technology company, Amazon is focused on preserving the heritage of MGM and enhancing customer engagement with a catalog of films. Amazon follows four principles— customer obsession, operational commitment, passion for invention as well as long-term thinking. Amazon is the most customer-centric company with AWS and Artificial Intelligence-based products.

Accenture to Acquire Umlaut

Accenture announced in June 2021, that it has decided to acquire Umlaut to meet the accelerated demand to apply data and digital to design multiple products for leading companies worldwide. It has also expanded Industry X services to allow productivity and growth in core operations. Umlaut is an engineering consulting and services in Germany. This acquisition will add over 4,200 industry-leading engineers and consultants across the world to Industry X services. This will help companies to use digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and many more to embed sustainability.

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