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These Data Science Profiles can boost your career

With the exponential rise in data generation, most organizations are turning towards data science professionals to analyze and interpret the data, helping in predicting future scenarios. Data scientists are responsible for processing the data and using algorithms to collect, store and optimize it. According to the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the demand for data science skills will result in a 27.9% rise in employment opportunities by 2026. Here are the 10 high-paying data science profiles to choose from in 2021.

1. Data Scientists

Data Scientists has been named the number one among the data science careers opportunities in the U.S. by Glassdoor. It is a more technical position with roles to design the methods to store, gather and analyze large structured and unstructured data to help companies improve their strategic decisions.  The average salary of a data scientist is nearly $139,840.

2. Machine Learning Engineers

Machine learning engineers are responsible for creating algorithms needed for analyzing data. These engineers use many big data tools and programming frameworks to modify the raw data being captured by the pipelines. The role requires skills such as knowledge of software engineering, data science, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Machine learning engineers are top among the data science profiles of 2021. The average salary of a machine learning engineer is about $114,826.

3. Machine Learning Scientist

The main role of a machine learning scientist is to research new data approaches and algorithms that are used in adaptive systems including unsupervised, supervised, and deep learning techniques. Machine learning scientists are also referred to as research scientists or research engineers which is one of the data science profiles to choose for 2021.  The average salary that a machine learning scientist draws is nearly $113,757.

4. Applications Architect

An application architect builds various applications for companies that almost every organization needs to run user interfaces efficiently.  They are also responsible for tracking the functions of various applications. This is one of the data science profiles which can earn you up to $113,757.

5. Enterprise Architect

An enterprise architect is responsible for aligning an organization’s strategy with the new technologies needed to carry out the objectives. This is one of the data science profiles that demands to have a complete understanding of the business and the technologies to design the systems architecture required to meet the needs of the organization. The average salary of an enterprise architect is nearly $110,663.

6. Data Architect

Data architects are the main masterminds behind designing the database framework of the company. They are responsible for designing, creating, and launching a company’s overall database architecture depending on the business requirements of the organization. This among the data science profiles requires also maintaining the data ecosystem of the company. The average salary of a data architect is up to $108,278.

7. Infrastructure Architect

Generally, the infrastructure architect checks for various databases, applications, and software for effective functioning purposes. They are responsible for making sure that the company has all the essential tools for analyzing big data. Infrastructure architect also makes to the list of data science profiles of 2021 with an average salary of $107,309.

8. Data Engineers

Data engineers maintain and create database architectures and frameworks. They are responsible for understanding what the business wants to achieve from the datasets and then developing algorithms according to that.  Data engineers also create dashboards, reports, and other data visualizations for different companies and stakeholders. The average salary of a data engineer is about $81,514 making it one of the data sciences profiles of 2021.

9. Business Intelligence Developer

Business Intelligence developers or analysts create efficient business models and strategic plans for the businesses. They define key performance indicators and data warehouses strategies. They also use advanced software tools to identify and mine business intelligence enabling the organization to make better-informed decisions. This is one of the data science profiles to choose with an average salary of about $81,514.

10. Data Analyst

As every industry relies on data, the role of data analysts comes into play to convert large data sets into a format that is suitable to analyze the data. They also have a crucial part in the industry of data science making it one of the data sciences profiles of 2021 to choose. They also ensure that all programs and systems are effectively running at an optimal level. The average salary of a data analyst is nearly $62,453.

Take away

Since data scientists are needed in almost all fields ranging from government security to dating apps, these industries run on huge amounts of data. Data science careers are in huge demand and this is not going to slow down any soon so choosing from these top 10 data science profiles can boost your career to a great extent.

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