Top 10 IT certifications to boost your career in 2022

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IT certifications are a steppingstone to better pay, which you probably already know. That fact alone should compel you to look into IT courses. So, if your primary goal today is to increase your salary, you can skip to the top 25 money-making certifications of the year by scrolling down this page. But hold on a second. You’re probably thinking about your long-term career prospects as well. In that case, you’ll want to learn about some of the other advantages of IT certification training courses. Employees and job candidates must constantly learn new skills in order to keep up with technological advancements. Learning on the job is slow, and most people only learn enough to get by, missing out on the best tips and tricks that knowledgeable, high-quality instructors can provide, saving businesses hours of time. Taking a training course that leads to the achievement of one or more of the most valuable IT certifications is the quickest way to advance your knowledge and career. Continue reading to see the top 25 highest-paying IT certifications for the year 2021.

To begin, IT certifications allow you to take advantage of the global shortage of credentialed IT talent that exists today. Despite all of the talk about digital transformation over the years, many businesses are still struggling to implement it. The global shift to the cloud is happening in fits and starts, and the results aren’t always meeting corporate leadership’s expectations. However, you have credible, recognised proof of professional competency with an IT certification, which isn’t always available in all places where it’s needed. The cloud is rapidly evolving in terms of functionality and sophistication, and the ability gap between those with and without IT certifications is widening. Let’s look at some recent statistics to see what it means to close that gap for yourself.

The Advantages of IT Certification

The most valuable IT certifications assist employees in advancing in their current positions and job seekers in finding new opportunities. One of the best ways to advance your career and income is to obtain a high-paying IT certification, such as one related to cybersecurity. Companies are now using a variety of the latest privacy-enhancing computation technologies to protect data and meet privacy requirements as the world becomes more digitized, making cybersecurity more in demand.

While cybersecurity is important, there are a variety of other IT jobs that are in high demand. Employers view applicants and employees with IT certifications as motivated, dedicated, and qualified workers, so they stand out from the crowd. Employees with the most valuable IT certifications have the best chance of keeping their jobs, finding new ones, and serving as a leader in their company’s field.

Although IT training is time consuming, it is worthwhile whether you are pursuing one of the network engineer certifications or one of the best computer certifications, both of which are required for maintaining company computers. IT professionals who pursue certification reap the rewards almost immediately. According to Pearson’s 2021 Value of IT Certification Report, after obtaining a certification, 91 percent of respondents reported increased confidence, 76 percent reported increased job satisfaction, and 28 percent reported a pay increase. Employees valued certifications so much that 86 percent said they planned to pursue more, and 73 percent said more training was required to keep up with rapidly changing technologies.

Certified employees are also more likely to be noticed by potential employers. According to the Pearson study, 60 percent of IT managers are more likely to review resumes from job applicants, 66 percent believe candidates with IT certifications have a better chance of being chosen for interviews, and 66 percent believe employees with IT certifications produce higher quality work than their peers.

So, here is a list of top 10 career-boosting IT certifications for 2022

1.Masters in DevOps Engineering: This “Masters in DevOps Engineering (MDE)” programme is the only one in the world that combines DevOps, DevSecOps, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles to make you an expert and proficient architect. Our curriculum is the culmination of 200 years of industry experience and extensive research on 10000+ job descriptions from around the world. The “Master in DevOps Engineering” programme is designed in such a way that it will assist you in integrating all of your real-world experience with all of the necessary tools, specializations, and job-ready skills, whether you are an experienced IT professional or a college graduate.
2.DevSecOps: Every software company in the world has started pushing code faster and more frequently than ever before. As a result, the number of vulnerabilities in our systems and products is increasing every day. We can do more with less effort thanks to DevOps, but we must integrate security into our process as soon as possible to avoid vulnerabilities. The DevSecOps Certified Professional programme is designed to teach the approach of integrating security into practices and to emphasize the professional use of security discipline as the primary means of protecting the organization and its customers. This certification course will cover a wide range of topics, including how DevSecOps adds value to the business and its ability to enable and support organizational transformations with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity, lowering risk, and lowering costs. You will have a good understanding and practical knowledge of tools, techniques, and technologies related to DevSecOps after attending our “DevSecOps Certified Professional” program, and you will be able to implement DevSecOps pipeline and culture for your project or product independently.

3.SRE: DevOpsSchool’s Site Reliability Engineering Certified Professional (SRECP) certification course will teach you the principles and practises that enable an organisation to scale critical services reliably and economically. SRE is an operations process that focuses on accumulating software engineering and automation solutions in order to ensure that continuously delivered applications run efficiently and reliably. Our SRECP course highlights the evolution of SRE in the modern software engineering process and its future direction, and equips learners with the methods, practises, and tools they’ll need to engage employees across the organisation in reliability and stability, as evidenced by real-world scenarios and case studies.
4.Docker and Kubernetes: Kubernetes and Docker differ in that Kubernetes is designed to run across a cluster, whereas Docker is designed to run on a single node. Kubernetes is more comprehensive than Docker Swarm and is designed to efficiently coordinate clusters of nodes at scale in production.
5.AIOps: Pattern matching, predictive analysis, historical data analysis, and causal analysis are just a few of the key ML techniques that AIOps brings to your IT operations. This aids decision-making by allowing for fully automated, data-driven responses. Human error and data noise are eliminated with such automated incident responses.
DataOps will help you understand your data and what it represents better. DataOps will increase the speed of IT projects by automating data. DataOps will decrease fragility by standardizing and repeating data tasks. Through “Production-Like” data and patterns, DataOps will improve testing.
7.MlOps: MLOps facilitates the deployment of machine learning workflows by reducing friction between data science and operations teams. It removes bottlenecks, particularly those that arise when complex or niche machine learning models are developed in silos.
GitOps is a set of practises for using Git, an open source version control system, to manage infrastructure and application configurations. GitOps makes declarative infrastructure and applications work by using Git as a single source of truth. GitOps automates infrastructure provisioning and deployment by using Git pull requests. The Git repository stores the entire state of the system, making the history of system changes visible and auditable. GitOps is centred on the developer experience, allowing teams to manage infrastructure with the same tools and processes that they use to develop software. Apart from Git, GitOps allows you to pick and choose the tools you need.
9.Master in Artificial Intelligence:
A professional master’s degree in AI from a reputable institution is valuable. A professional master’s degree in computer science with an emphasis on artificial intelligence is also beneficial. However, if you have documented experience in this field, a master’s degree may be unnecessary, and you may be able to get one of these jobs without it.
10.Master in Machine Learning:
Machine learning is capable of resolving a wide range of issues. However, it’s especially well suited to large-scale decisions that require very simple and repetitive tasks.

Cloud computing and cybersecurity are two key areas where certifications are in high demand, as evidenced by the certifications mentioned above. Certified professionals will have more and better job opportunities, as well as higher pay. Choose the path you want to take your career in and sign up for a Koenig preparation course today.

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