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A look at the best machine learning companies that are profitable for your business

Machine learning is an advanced artificial intelligence technology that can learn from data using algorithms and then make predictions. The growth of machine learning in recent years has been significantly driven by a boundless quantity of data, affordable data storage, and the evolution of more powerful processing. As organizations are increasingly stepping to leverage robust ML models, finding the best machine learning companies that deliver all the features is quite difficult.

To avoid this hunt for your business, Analytics Insight has listed the top 10 machine learning companies that are worth looking at in 2021.


Founded in 1999, Iflexion delivers software development and related IT services. The Austin, Texas-based company provides full-cycle services in the areas of content management solutions, portals, e-commerce, web-based enterprise solutions, media content distribution, social software. Iflexion has built a custom online payment solution, a supporting CRM, a payroll system, and a standalone mobile app for a financial tech company.

iTechArt Group

iTechArt is a top-tier, one-stop custom software development company offering software and application development, modernization, migration, QA & testing services. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in New York, the company does not only make software AI-enabled or blockchainable, but makes it work for companies’ business goals and target market.


Talentica is a Pune, Maharashtra, India-based innovative outsourced product development company. It helps small and mid-sized technology companies take advantage of global talent to reduce time to market and R&D costs. The company engineers practical data-driven algorithms to power machine intelligence for startups by separating the AI hype from computational realities.


UruIT is a nearshore software development company. It is developing a new way of creating and extracting metadata across the enterprise. UruIT delivers machine learning capability for searching, identifying and organizing data in the entertainment industry. The company’s major clients include Disney, Warner, BBC, FOX News, and HBO. Huge players in the market rely on this platform to search across multiple sources of media content faster and better by using Machine Learning.

DeCypher DataLabs LLC

DeCypher DataLabs LLC, is a Chicago-based boutique business practice that specializes in all Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning matters for US government agencies, commercial enterprises, and non-profit organizations. The company provides AI solutions that are hosted on the AWS platform and integrate AWS into custom-developed solutions. DeCypher DataLabs guiding principles are based on Truth and Data Ethics.


MobiDev is a Georgia, United States-based software development company. It creates complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions, guaranteed product delivery, and ongoing evolution. The company’s main areas of expertise include Industrial IoT and Augmented Reality, Data Science & Machine Learning, Blockchain & distributed databases, Microservices & cloud infrastructure, Native mobile & desktop development, and Cross-platform solutions.


Neoteric is a Poland-based end-to-end software product development company helping startups and enterprises. The company’s services include Web app development, AI-driven solutions, SaaS app development, Product design, and RPA. Neoteric supports companies with end-to-end software development leading the tech from product idea, through prototyping to launch.


Outsourcing software development company Belitsoft is committed to providing high-quality software products and services. The company focuses on web portals and applications, e-commerce, and more. Based in Minsk, Belarus, Belitsoft provides a wide variety of services. These include custom software development, automated software testing, maintenance & support, quality assurance and more.


Poland-based custom software development company Netguru builds digital products that allow people do things differently. The company provides machine learning solutions to businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Netflix saves US$1 billion each year thanks to machine learning algorithms. Its recommendation engine uses dozens of algorithms to compare viewers’ preferences with similar customers around the world.


Unicsoft is a full-cycle custom software development delivering AI and Blockchain solutions to drive business outcomes for startups and enterprises. The company has delivered more than 200 projects incorporating Blockchain and AI, IoT and Machine Learning, Web and Mobile Development. Unicsoft also delivers its day-to-day services with transparency, clarity, and most importantly, care for its customers.

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