Top 5 Data Science Courses To Study In India

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A study on hiring trends states that 97,000 plus positions related to analytics and data science are vacant in India. A dearth of qualified professionals in this field has created such large vacancies in this field. In 2019, the number of vacant positions in this field increased by 45%, indicating the industry’s massive talent gap. 

The data science and business analytics field has revolutionized the industry and is evolving rapidly. Hence, professionals aspiring to make a career in this field need to upskill themselves. And this skill-gap has provided many institutes across India a chance to offer data science and business analytics courses. Today, there are several institutes offering these courses. However, if you narrow your search to a high-quality and reliable big data training institute, you will get only a handful of results. Here we present some of the best analytics courses in India

1. Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Data science by Insofe Education: 

The Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Data Science from Insofe Educations is a runaway hit among data science aspirants for its high-quality course content and flexible learning methodology. The course equips participants in necessary data science skills and works as a strong foundation for their careers. Importantly ten collaborative programs globally accept this course as their first-semester curriculum making it the only certificate course of such kind. 

The PGP course in data science by Insofe consists of 16 credits. It covers crucial topics like probability and statistics for data science, methods and algorithms in Machine Learning, and design thinking for data scientists. The 1:10 faculty ratio ensures all learners receive proper attention, while weekly group discussions with mentors help learners clear their concepts and doubts. Plus, the program has boot camps and hackathons to brush-up on Python and solve actual data science problems. The course has two learning modes. The live mode is for ten months, and the classroom mode is for six months. The course has more than 30 quizzes and 50 evaluations to give performance insights to participants. 

2. Post Graduate Program in Data Science by Praxis Business School: 

The nine-month post-graduate program in data science by Praxis School is a valuable learning experience for all enthusiasts. It is a full-time program for nine months. Praxis Business school offers this course in 3 cities – Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

It is a full-time course. So it needs commitment and cannot be done while continuing a job. The full-time commitment ensures better completions and focused learning for the participants. 

3. MBA in Data Sciences & Data Analytics: 

If you are looking for an MBA, then the Symbiosis institute’s MBA in Data Science and Data Analytics is the ideal course for you. This course is a full-time weekday two-year program conducted by Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology. The program has a total of 1500 course hours. The comprehensive course-work allows students to get global competencies, and the institute has designed it meticulously to fuse technology and market trends. The course also offers guaranteed job placement for students. The frequent guest sessions, industry connections, and alumni meetings make this course highly engaging. 

4. Data science 360: Specialization course by AnlytixLabs

This comprehensive extensive data course has an effective pedagogy, gender diversity, and graduation outcomes. The program offers extensive tools to learners during its 224 hours of learning sessions. 

It provides a one-on-one mentorship program and also has an industry partnership with IBM to deliver the course. The duration of this course is nine months. 

5. Post Graduate Program In Data Analytics by Imarticus: 

Imarticus institute offers an offline course in PGP in Data Analytics. With five offline classes of 4 hours each per week, the program expects an extensive time commitment from participants. It covers tools like Python, R, SQL, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, and PowerBI and offers hands-on projects, boot camps, hackathons, and personalized Capstone projects. 

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