Top 5 International Programmes In Data Science Available In India

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Every year, over 4 lakh Indian students go overseas to study, however, the outbreak of the pandemic has led to uncertainty around the feasibility of pursuing higher education at foreign universities. Luckily for them, well-known international universities are partnering with leading ed-tech companies in India to increase the accessibility of their top-notch programs in new-age technologies like Data Science, Analytics, and Machine Learning.  

With most businesses depending on data-driven insights, the demand for Data Scientists is outpaced the current availability. Data Science programs by Ivy League Universities provide a massive opportunity to students and working professionals who are looking to build a career in Data Science. 

Here is a list of the top 5 international online programs available in India for students and working professionals who are looking to upskill and explore careers in Data Science.

Master of Applied Data Science 

This program is designed by the University of Michigan School of Information and Coursera to help aspiring data scientists learn how to use data to improve outcomes and make data-driven decisions. The program also provides learners with a deep understanding of key topics such as privacy, data ethics, and persuasive communication. The students will not only have access to the renowned University of Michigan faculty and resources but will also have the opportunity to be a part of the University of Michigan School of Information student community. 

Applied Data Science Bootcamp

The 12-week ‘Applied Data Science Bootcamp’ in collaboration with faculty members from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Institute of Data, Systems, and Society (MIT IDSS) and Great Learning is for students and working professionals who aim to develop skills in Data Science and Machine Learning. The unique highlight of the program is the “Live Online Classes” conducted by five highly renowned MIT faculty members along with live, personalized mentorship, and hands-on support by Great Learning Data Science practitioners.

Master’s Degree in Data Science

This Master’s Degree in Data Science in partnership with UT, Austin by edX provides solid foundational knowledge in Statistical theory and principles of Data Science to help students learn the skills they need to advance in their careers. The course curriculum incorporates ideas and methods such as simulation, data visualization, data mining, data analysis, large scale data-based inquiry for big data, and non-standard design methodologies, along with topics of machine learning, algorithmic techniques, and optimization, to tackle issues that come up with large-scale data such as memory and computational speed.

Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Amity Future Academy’s data science program in collaboration with Cornell University helps professionals master the concepts of data science, data visualization techniques, decision making, and predictive analysis, and types of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Through this program, students and professionals can gain an understanding of the process of moving from data to knowledge and how to explore this process to make informed business decisions.

Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Designed in partnership with Purdue University and in collaboration with IBM, the program has a comprehensive curriculum covering statistics, key programming languages, Machine Learning algorithms, along with a capstone project in 3 domains. Students and professionals who are interested in developing skills and experience in Data Science should apply for the program. Learners pursuing the program also get lifetime access to all the e-learning content created by Simplilearn along with access to IBM Cloud platforms featuring IBM Watson.

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