The list represents top companies hiring data science professionals in Switzerland in March 2020

The world is powered by exponential data. With structured and unstructured data growing dramatically in companies’ data centers, organizations are looking for professionals who can work on sorting the data and make insightful decisions from it. This has led to a spike in the demand for data science professionals. The data science field is drastically evolving and the need to fill data science jobs is also growing. It is no different in Switzerland. Data science in Switzerland is also ballooning and the leading tech players are looking to hire data science professionals. Data scientists manage, mine, and clean unstructured data and prepare it for practical use. It is later used to deliver results that impact business outcomes. Some of the common data science jobs in Switzerland include data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, enterprise data architect, research scientist, etc. Analytics Insight has listed top companies hiring data science professionals in Switzerland in March 2020.

Data Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is an IT services, business solutions, and outsourcing organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a firm level of certainty. Founded in 1968 and initially based in India, the company now has a global presence, deep domain expertise in multiple industry verticals, and a rich portfolio of services such as consulting and service integration, digital transformation services, and cognitive business operations.

Job role and responsibilities: As a data scientist, the candidate should support the analysis of the data in Risk and Compliance area. He/she should prepare additional big data and data analysis technologies within the department, like data modelling, wrangling, pipelines implementation, etc. The candidate should build machine learning models on Palantir Foundry stack. He/she should review and methodologies to match clients via name matching.

Research Scientist at Microsoft

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft is the leading developer of personal computer software systems and applications. The company also publishes books and multimedia titles, produces its own line of hybrid tablet computers, offers email services, and sells electronic game systems and computer peripherals. Founded in 1974, Microsoft is now well established across the globe.

Job role and responsibilities: The research scientist will work with an interdisciplinary team from conducting state of the art research to developing early prototypes to productization of technologies for social presence and action understanding in mixed reality. He/she should engage with the research community through publications, workshops or the supervision of interns & PhD students. The company demands the candidate to be self-motivated, strong as a team-player, should be a good communicator, and must accept challenges.

Data scientist at eBay

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

eBay Inc. is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world. Founded in 1995, the company enables the economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations of all size. eBay portfolio of brands includes eBay Marketplace and eBay Classifieds Group, operating in 190 markets across the globe.

Job role and responsibilities: As the role is data-intensive, the data scientist is expected to be comfortable working with large sets of data and deliver business insights from the data using analytical techniques. He/she should be able to offer a strategic perspective, sound business judgement, and willing to work collaboratively with multiple teams in different geographies. The potential candidate should have a hands-on approach to data analysis, machine learning, strong intellectual curiosity, and a passion for achieving practical business impact.

Research scientist at DFINITY

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

The DFINITY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland, that oversees research centers in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Zurich. The foundation’s mission is to build, promote, and maintain the internet computer and improve the world by doing so. The internet computer extends the functionality of internet from connecting billions of people to also providing million of developers and entrepreneurs with a public compute platform, creating a revolutionary new way to build websites, enterprise systems and internet services within an open environment.

Job role and responsibilities: As a research scientist, the potential candidate should collaborate with engineers to develop secure, reliable and scalable solutions, from problem identification and solution conception of production. He/she should provide deep technical insight in a field of interest and communicate it clearly. The candidate should contribute to designs and specifications of the next iterations of the Internet Computer.

Data engineer at SystemsAccountants

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

SystemsAccountants is a highly specialist recruitment and resourcing solutions company, focused exclusively on financial, accounting technology and transformation. The company specializes solely in sourcing, vetting and placing professionals who have a hybrid combination of financial/accounting experience and qualifications, blended with technology, project and change management expertise.

Job role and responsibilities: As a data engineer, the potential candidate will join fellow data enthusiasts, specializing in data engineering and integration. The team is responsible for integrating a wide range of Information Systems and helping make the best data available to the Data Insight team. The role involves significant projects while also managing support of existing ETL and Data pipelines.

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