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Data and analytics are being used every day in businesses to drive transformation and efficiency and generate accurate insights for greater revenue. The impact of data science reaches far and beyond the IT industry and is solving some of the most pressing issues in other industries. In healthcare, defense, and education, data science technologies have to revolutionize traditional business operations.

This article provides a list of the top data science companies’ funding and investments to look out for in Q2 of 2021.

Edge Delta

Amount Raised: US$15M

Transaction Type: Series A

Key Investor(s): Menlo Ventures, Amity Ventures, and others

Edge Delta is a stream processing platform for observability, predicting, and detecting anomalies in operational and security data. The company allows enterprises to use a network of analytics to identify and remediate potential DevOps, IT, operational, and security incidents more accurately.

Vianai Systems, Inc.

Amount Raised: US$140M

Transaction Type: Series B

Key Investor(s): Softbank Vision Fund, 5square, and others

Vianai provides artificial intelligence solutions to its clients. The company aims in defining, maintaining, and delivering different software for industry leaders. It envisions empowering millions of its clients to build machine learning applications and solutions to reach new heights.

Pensa Systems

Amount Raised: US$11M

Transaction Type: Series A

Key Investor(s): ATX Venture Partners, Circle K Ventures

Pensa Systems is a provider of autonomous perception systems for retail inventory visibility. The company has created a platform that allows drones to monitor the shelves and alert the retailers in real-time when the product is out of stock or reloaded.


Amount Raised: US$3.4M

Transaction Type: Seed

Key Investor(s): Seraphim Capital, Creative Ventures, and others

PlanetWatchers provide SaaS solutions for enterprises, governments, and NGOs to monitor their natural assets across the world. Their advanced geospatial technology combines machine learning algorithms, cloud infrastructure, and multi-source satellite sensors to provide critical information for efficient management.

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