Venga Global Expands Data Annotation, Collection, And Validation For AI And Machine Learning Services

5Sep - by aiuniverse - 0 - In Machine Learning


Venga Global, a global leader in translation and localization, has launched “Venga AI” to meet growing data transformation and machine learning needs.

“We started offering data services in 2016 focused around natural language processing and data translation,” says Antoine Rey, CSMO at Venga. “We have learned, adapted, and developed technology with great success to bring quality clean data to top AI and data companies. We are excited to now publicly offer our expanded roster of services including data annotation and validation for text, image, video, and audio.”

The need for clean data to feed into machine learning algorithms has grown exponentially over the past few years with applications in sectors ranging from medical diagnostics to autonomous vehicles, to voice search.

As the world moves towards more localized approaches, the need for clean data in a variety of languages other than English climbs. Venga has its roots in the translation industry with resources all over the world so it is a natural step to provide data services leveraging those local connections. Whether in English or another language, culture and sentiment are expressed differently depending on location so having trained people in location creates the most accurate data sets.

“Clients continuously recognize Venga for delivering quality at scale – even for low-resource languages,” says Chris Phillips, COO at Venga. “ Our ability to ramp up from zero to thousands of trained resources in very short time periods has proven key to our success. We achieve this through stringent vetting, testing, and training of quality resources and optimize our technology stack project by project to create efficient and controlled NLP data collection.”

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