Will machine learning be mandatory for everyone to learn?

Source: asianage.com

Rishab Bhatt, one of the best names in the computing world, is a software and web developer based in Toronto, Canada. Over the years, he has done a lot of trials and errors, after which he established a website named ‘Simple.Savr’, a text and file-sharing website with more than 60K users per month from all over the world. Following the latest technological trends, he has made a point to keep himself updated which he executes in his work. ‘Simple. Savr’ is completely encrypted, which means it is safe in case of a data breach. Moreover, the website allows people in the same network to share files and text without installing any other software.

Bhatt had previously worked on a completely automated and encrypted crypto escrow platform (Coinsavr, Inc.). After learning there, he started implementing things in his work, and today he has done innovations in his work. Besides progressing and generating revenues, Simple.Savr has not stepped back from making its contributions. The mission of Bhatt’s website is to help and provide clean drinking water to children across the globe. The significant contribution for the same is made through the 40% ad revenue earned by the website.

While machine learning is considered as a mandatory skill in the future, Rishab Bhatt shared his thoughts and said, “If you want to make an app where two people can text, you can do so without machine learning. But if you want the app to recommend replies based on what the other person said automatically, then machine learning is your best friend. I don’t think understanding what machine learning is and how it works is wasted knowledge since it allows you to take a different approach while solving some problems.” With his plans to take ‘Simple.Savr’ on a new level, the website will soon get the most significant update in terms of design, API and several other features.

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