Deep Learning & Data Engineering Are Top In-demand Skills Of 2020 In India: Reports

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While deep learning is driving advances in artificial intelligence that are changing our world, data engineering is the foundation for the new world of Big Data.

Udacity, a silicon-valley-based global lifelong learning platform, has released the list of the most popular Nanodegree programs in India in 2020. The data is based on the number of enrollments during the year, showing the demand across different states and union territories.

Deep learning and data engineering are top Nanodegree programs showing the country’s growing interest in AI and data. While deep learning is driving advances in artificial intelligence that are changing our world, data engineering is the foundation for the new world of Big Data.

There is no doubt about the fact that COVID-19 has changed the global job landscape. This can be clearly seen in how the demand for some of the Nanodegree programs shifted in 2020 vis-a-vis 2019. Take a look:

Most Popular Nanodegree programs in 2020Most Popular Nanodegree programs in 2019
Deep learningAI programming with Python
Data EngineeringMachine Learning Engineer
Product ManagerDeep Learning
Machine Learning EngineerData Analyst
Data ScientistAI Product Manager

There has always been huge traction amongst learners to upskill themselves on the tech front. In the wake of the pandemic, rapid digital adoption has further made advanced courses more desirable worldwide for forward-looking professionals. The findings reinstate that the demand for technology-oriented jobs is continually growing and many regions have also been able to leverage technology to upskill themselves for futuristic job profiles.

Here are some key findings:

Deep learning is big in Karnataka

Karnataka holds the lion’s share for maximum Nanodegree programs. As much as 24% demand for Deep Learning and 34% of the total demand for Data Engineering Nanodegree programs comes from this state.  The demand for AI Product Manager (38%) and Product Manager (60%) is also the highest in the state. 

Maharashtra digs on data

Data Science and Deep Learning are the most popular Nanodegree programs in Maharashtra. The Product Manager Nanodegree program is popular in Maharashtra. More than 40% of the enrollments come from this state. It is also a popular destination for data science Nanodegree program and Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program with 25% and 21% enrollments coming from these regions respectively.

Delhi is all about data & programming

The Indian capital, Delhi, is a frontrunner in the mainstream programming languages. It drew 22% and 23% demand for C++ and Full Stack Web Developer. The Data Analyst Nanodegree program is also big in the region with 21% enrollments coming from the National Capital Region.

Telangana produces more developers

The state of Telangana racked in 16% of enrollments for the Full Stack Web Development Nanodegree program and C++ Nanodegree programs. The Machine Learning Nanodegree program is also big in the state with around 11% enrollments coming from it.

More than half of self-driving car engineers come from Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu produced more than 50% Self-Driving car engineers in 2020 in India. Computer Vision and Machine Learning Nanodegree programs are also popular in the state.

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