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These top 100 companies have opened their door for talented data scientists

Data is the new oil for modern businesses,’ a familiar statement that is making many changes in the technology radar. Organizations of all sizes and types from diverse industries produce large volumes of data. The increasing amount of data often comes in unstructured and raw forms. But fortunately, they hold the key to make enormous growth in companies. Getting the most out of data requires expertise in advanced data analytics tools and techniques. Henceforth, data science comes as a handy solution for companies dealing with data management crises. Data science plays a hectic role in the business as it deals with the exploration, evaluation, modelling and generation of meaningful insights from large datasets.

Data science is becoming mission-critical to many organizations. Therefore, the demand for data scientists is significantly spiking. Companies across domains need data science professionals at various means. Besides data scientists, there are various roles associated with the interdisciplinary field namely Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Architects, Big Data Engineers, etc.

Data science has become a sought-after career opportunity in India. The opening for data science professionals in the country is getting more void as technological adoption increases. Remarkably, companies are also willing to pay high-salaries for talented individuals. Big companies across diverse sectors, including technology, financial services, manufacturing, automotive, etc always welcome data scientists with open arms to drive innovation. The hunt for data scientists in India remains an endless tale. Henceforth, to make job seekers and employers work easy, Analytics Insight has listed the top 100 companies that are hiring data scientists in India.

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