Difference between Git and SVN ?

Git and SVN (Subversion) are both version control systems, but they have some fundamental differences. Here’s a comparison between Git and SVN:

1) It’s a distributed version control system.1) It’s a Centralized version control system
2) Git is an SCM (source code management).2) SVN is revision control.
3) Git has a cloned repository.3) SVN does not have a cloned repository.
4) The Git branches are familiar to work. The Git system helps in merging the files quickly and also assist in finding the unmerged ones.4) The SVN branches are a folder which exists in the repository. Some special commands are required For merging the branches.
5) Git does not have a Global revision number.5) SVN has a Global revision number.
6) Git has cryptographically hashed contents that protect the contents from repository corruption taking place due to network issues or disk failures.6) SVN does not have any cryptographically hashed contents.
7) Git stored content as metadata.7) SVN stores content as files.
8) Git has more content protection than SVN.8) SVN’s content is less secure than Git.
9) Linus Torvalds developed git for Linux kernel.9) CollabNet, Inc developed SVN.
10) Git is distributed under GNU (General public license).10) SVN is distributed under the open-source license.

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