how to deploy Existing Project in play store

step 1:open android studio and drag your project and paste in android studio

Step 2: click open for editing in android studio shown in below figure

Step 3:now your project starts to build you can check it by clicking in build in bottom taskbar

Step 4:after build finish click or expand gradle script–click build gradle and change flutter version code from 1 to 2 if its 2 then change to 3 just increment it by one and also change flutterversion name from 1.0 to 1.1 or 1.2 that shown in below figure

click sync now==>

Step 5: click build in top menu bar then click generate signed bundle key after clicking it click next don ‘t select anything like apk radio button simply click next

Step 6: click chooses existing–select holidaylandmark credential keystore-> expand–> select keystore.jsk

Step 7:fill password in keystore password
in key alias ==select or browse and select key 0

then browse encrypted key export path and browse and select project name holidaylandmark

Step 8: then click next–>select release—>click finish

next click generate signed bundle then click locate

after click locate you will reach the realease apk file where it is located

Step 9:then

drag app-release.aab and click production–>click edit release–>

now your project will be in review mode after 48 hour it would be in production mode

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