Flywheel is a powerful tool that allows developers to set up and manage local WordPress development environments with ease. To work with Local by Flywheel, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Flywheel website at and Click on the “DOWNLOAD FOR FREE” button.

2. Choose a suitable website’s requirements and Fill in your basic information and click to “Get it now” button.

3. After you click “get it now” button the Flywheel download start automatically.

4. Next go to download folder and Click on the “.exe” file to start the installation process.

5. After installation process Flywheel will automatically open, Click on the “Create Site” button Enter your site name, choose a data center location, and select the preferred WordPress version.

6. Flywheel will automatically set up your WordPress site, and you’ll be redirected to the site dashboard.

7. Customize your site settings, including themes, plugins, and other configurations, based on your preferences.

8. Flywheel provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage your website and its various features.

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