What is a dev environment and its type?

What is a dev environment?

A development environment refers to a separate setup where you can safely build, test, and modify your website without impacting the live or production site. It is essentially a local or remote environment where you can experiment with themes, plugins, code changes, and various configurations before deploying them to the live site.

Types of dev environment?

1. Dev Environment (Local Development Environment):

  • Separate copy of your site.
  • Runs on your own computer using software like: Local by Flywheel, DevKinsta, DesktopServer, XAMPP, MAMP, WAMP
  • Only we can it.
  • Private


  • No internet connection required
  • Fast performance
  • Full control over setup
  • Free to use

2. Production Environment (Remote Development Environment)

  • Your real, Public website
  • Hosted on a remote server, often provided by hosting companies or specialized services. For Examples: WP Engine, Pantheon, Kinsta, ServerPilot, SpinupWP.
  • Everyone can see it.
  • Public


  • Easier setup
  • Access from anywhere
  • Often includes maintenance and security features

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