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Check out 10 top rising cloud robotics start-ups

Cloud robotics is an area of robotics that attempts to entreat cloud technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, and other internet technologies. It is not an easy task to run a cloud robotics start-ups. But it is amazing to see the rising number of start-ups specializing in cloud robotics. These start-ups are seen to work on innovative technologies.

Here is the list of 10 cloud robotics start-ups that are working on the innovation of technologies and products.


It was founded in 2016. The company is situated in the United Kingdom. The company’s IPU accelerators and popular software together make the fastest and most ductile platform for current and future machine intelligence applications, which lowers the cost of AI in the cloud and datacentre, improves performance and efficiency by between 10x to 100x. Graphcore systems shine at both training and reasoning. The highly collateral computational resources along with graph software tools and libraries enable researchers to explore machine intelligence across a much wider front than current solutions. This technology lets recent success in deep learning evolve rapidly towards useful, general artificial intelligence.


The company was founded in 2016 and is situated in the United Kingdom. Arctoris serves academic research groups and biotech companies, enabling scientists to directly configure a broad range of cancer research experiments online, and collects their results and detailed methods report instantly. It is not only effective for screening but is created for fundamental research, surrounding a wide range of techniques to cover cellular and molecular biology. Arctoris enables researchers and entrepreneurs to create and implement cutting-edge cellular and molecular biology research experiments and offers a complete system to recognize, analyze and visualize research data.


The company was founded in 2017, Switzerland. INVOLI serves in building infrastructure that enables drone revolution, ensuring their safe consolidation into today’s aviation world and avoiding collisions with aircraft. It offers an online platform, which collects data from a network of scaled-down control towers gathering maximum information on the position of every flying object in the sky, manually or automatically. Its technology enables everybody to see the air traffic encompassing them and take the most appropriate measures. Thus, what INVOLI brings to the aviation world is intelligent air traffic instruments and automatic collision avoidance tools, allowing low-risk flight plans and avoidance strategies and thus creating a safer, smarter sky for all.

Salty Cloud, PBC (Public Benefit Company)

It was founded in March 2017 in, USA. The company offers next-generation security automation technology to assist organizations around the globe to protect their cyber adversaries. Today, the company provides three security & risk automation tools to the public. It continues to find ways to provide free versions of its tools for educational institutions, state & local governments, and non-profits. One such offering is Dorkbot, the web vulnerability scanning service.

Bright Machines

It was founded in 2018 in, USA. The company aims at making manufacturing smarter and more efficient. It merges intelligent software with flexible factory robots and machine learning to help the customers deliver the next-generation products

Soar Robotics

The company offers independent operations at scale for urban and industrial applications with seamless connectivity and cloud intelligence. It uses hyper-realistic visual and physical simulation environments to safely test hardware by recreating real-life scenarios in virtual worlds. It helps in executing custom applications for proprietary use cases.

Freedom Robotics

It was founded in 2018, headquartered in San Francisco. Freedom Robotics integrates development and management tools in its cloud-based robotics management software (RMS) to help in prototype, creating, operating, and scaling robot fleets.


It was founded in 2017, headquartered in Berkeley, Calif.

Covariant is creating AI called the “Covariant Brain” to make robots smarter. Covariant is competing directly with other cloud robotics start-ups such as Kindred and RightHand Robotics. Its technique is to use a variety of AI methods to train its robots, including reinforcement learning. It merges that with an off-the-shelf robot arm, a suction gripper, and a simple 2D camera system.

Aitomation – Workflow Automation

This company leverages robots (physically and virtually) for automating specific tasks. It utilizes the power of cloud computing and process automation to create and modify cloud robotic solutions. The company develops software robotics solutions, lean strategies, artificial intelligence (AI), and low-code applications, as well as cloud services. It allows the automation of long workflows and processes that run across multiple systems and organizational extremities.

RosHub – Robotic Fleet Management

It is a US-based start-up. It develops connectivity solutions for robot fleets. The company is also involved in prototyping, testing, and applying robotic solutions in unstructured public spaces. It allows the link of an open-source ROS (robotics operating system) that is combined efficiently with the support of existing tools and APIs.

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