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In 2013, Google started a pioneering and ostentatious effort to manufacture robots. With time, its target has become self-effacing but with time the technology is also subtly more advanced. Since 2013, the internet company has depleted tens of millions of dollars in buying six robotics start-ups in Japan and in the United States. The project consisted of two teams that are majoring in machines that moved and looked like humans. Andy Rubin, the Vice President of engineering who was behind the effort of creating such projects named it Replicant in a nod to Google’s great ambition. Also, the name was used in a science-fiction movie called ‘Blade Runner’.

However, with the passing time over the next few years, Google sold off the companies that have been acquired by it or shut them down. The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank bought the best-known project named Boston Dynamics from Google.

In recent years, with the advancement of modern technology, Google accumulated and reassessed its target on the mechanics of complex robots. For the last few years, Google has been remodeling its program focusing on robots that are much more manageable and simpler than human-shaped machines.

Vincent Vanhoucke, who previously helped Google in building Google Brain that researches artificial intelligence is now leading the new robotics at Google. This new effort is called robotics at Google. It includes many of the engineers and researchers who worked under Mr. Rubin. Its new model will be able to learn skills independently using machine learning without human intervention, like traversing in a warehouse that is filled with unexpected objects. The machines may not impressive or attractive as the earlier humanoid robots but this more advanced technology incorporated inside them gives them more perspective in the real world.

In the warehouse and on factory floors, Robots are already in use but they can only operate certain specific tasks only like turning screws or picking up objects. Taking the help of machine learning Google wants the machines with which it is working to learn on their own.

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