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No wonder, data science has emerged out to be the most sought-after profession. Obtaining insights from data, as data science is rightly defined, has proven to be no less than a blessing in almost every sector that one can think of. Making the best of data is what data scientists are expected to do. Data visualization is thus a critical aspect of data science and when done well can yield the desired results. That being said, a question that is seeking answers is – how to achieve efficient data visualization so that the organization is in a position to make better decisions? Well, data visualization tools to the rescue it is!

In order to make the whole data visualization process smooth and to achieve valuable results, having the right data visualization tools that are worth relying on – is the need of the hour. Here is a list of top data visualization tools for 2021 that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Tableau is one of the most widely used data visualization tools What sets it apart from the rest is its ability to manage the data using the combination of data visualization and data analytics tools. From a simple chart to creative and interactive visualizations, you can do it all using Tableau. One of the many remarkable features of this tool is that the data scientists do not have to write custom code in this tool. Additionally, the tasks are completed fast and with ease because of the drag and drop feature supported by this tool. All in all, Tableau is interactive software that is compatible with a lot of data sources.


If looking for a data visualization tool that is used to create dashboards and visualise large amounts of data, then Sisense is the one for you! From health, manufacturing to social media marketing, Sisense has proved to be beneficial. The best part about Sisense is that the dashboard can be created in the way the user wants to according to their needs.


This is yet another interactive data visualization tool that helps in converting data from various data sources into interactive dashboards and reports. In addition to providing real-time updates on the dashboard, it also provides a secure and reliable connection to your data sources in the cloud or on-premise. Enterprise data analytics as well as self-service is something that you get on a single pl PowerBI, being available for both mobile and desktop versions has, without a doubt, benefitted many. Why PowerBI gets all the attention is because even non-data scientists can easily create machine learning models.

E charts

E charts is one of the most sought after enterprise-level chart data visualization tool. E charts are compatible with a majority of browsers, runs smoothly on various platforms and are referred to as a pure JavaScript chart No matter what size the device is, charts would be available. This data visualization tool being absolutely free to use provides a framework for the rapid construction of web-based visualizations and boasts of multidimensional data analysis.


DataWrapper is an excellent data visualization tool for creating charts, maps and tables. With this, you can create almost any type of chart, customizable maps and also responsive tables. Additionally, printing and sharing the charts is not at all an issue to be bothered about. From students to exerts, everyone can make use of DataWrapp This data visualization tool gives away the message that charts and graphs stand the potential to look great even without coding or any design skills. The free version of this tool has many features that are definitely worth giving a try.

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