How to Make a Confirm Dialog in Flutter

A confirm dialog is a dialog box that asks users to approve the requested operation. It usually appears with button pairs like Yes/No, OK/Cancel, Agree/Disagree. Confirm dialogs help prevent accidental actions such as deleting content, closing an account, leaving a page when the form content on that page has not been saved, etc.

This article shows you how to creat confirm dialogs in Flutter. We will go over 2 examples: the first one demonstrates a material confirm dialog and the second one displays a Cupertino (iOS-style) confirm dialog.

Material Confirm Dialog

If you are developing an app for both Android and iOS and doesn’t need an iOS-exclusive experience, using material is a good way to go.


Our sample app has a button and a red box. When the button is pressed, a confirm dialog will show up.

  • f the user select “Yes”, the box will be removed then the dialog will be closed. The button then becomes disable.
  • If the user select “No”, the dialog will be closed and nothing else happens.

The code

The complete code with explanations:

Cupertino Confirm Dialog


The code

Don’t forget to import the Cupertino library:

import ‘package:flutter/cupertino.dart’;

The full code for the xample:

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