What is TypeScript and How to Learn TypeScript Online?

TypeScript has become an increasingly common language used by developers. This is the seventh most popular programming language used by developers.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is an open-source, typed superset of the JavaScript programming language. The typeScript was created by Microsoft in 2012 to make it easier for developers to build large, scalable applications. It is widely used by companies like Slack, Asana, and Microsoft.

These are the main differences between JavaScript and TypeScript:

  • TypeScript offers static typing, whereas JavaScript offers dynamic typing.
  • TypeScript uses types and interfaces.
  • TypeScript supports optional parameter functions, whereas JavaScript does not.

What is TypeScript Used For?

TypeScript is a modern web development framework. It extends JavaScript with static type definitions. These definitions make it easier to describe how an object is structured, which increases the readability of the code.

This is because TypeScript only extends over JavaScript. It does not replace the framework. TypeScript code is converted to JavaScript code when it is compiled.

There is no need for a developer to convert their entire application to support TypeScript. At any time, TypeScript can be added to a client- or server-side application.

Because TypeScript is based on JavaScript, any transition will involve adding TypeScript code, rather than removing JavaScript code.

Features of TypeScript:

How Long Does it Take to Learn TypeScript?

Assuming that you study at least an hour a day, it takes about a month to learn the basics of TypeScript. Expect to spend at least six months studying TypeScript before developing the skills needed to apply it in a professional development setting.

The time it takes you to learn TypeScript depends on the amount of time you devote to study. If you study full time, you will be able to learn TypeScript faster than someone who is only studying part-time

Is TypeScript Hard to Learn?.

Learning TypeScript is a little more difficult than learning Javascript. This is because TypeScript extends on JavaScript and therefore you need to have a good understanding of how JavaScript works first. But, with some practice and time, you shouldn’t have any trouble learning TypeScript.

How to Learn TypeScript?

So, you have decided to learn TypeScript. This is a great option. But, how can you learn TypeScript fast?

  • Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – Because TypeScript is built on top of JavaScript, you’ll need to learn how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before getting started.
  • Types – This is an essential component of TypeScript, hence the name of the language. In TypeScript, types can be assigned to variables when they are declared. It allows you to write more reliable and scalable code, and also enhances the readability of your programs.
  • Variables and Commenting – Since TypeScript and JavaScript variables and comments work differently, you should explore these two topics in depth.
  • Functions – TypeScript provides a number of enhancements to traditional JavaScript functions. In TypeScript, you can declare a function like you would in JavaScript. But, you can also use TypeScript types as function arguments.
  • Object-Oriented Programming – TypeScript is an object-oriented programming language and adds a variety of new features to improve JavaScript’s object-oriented features. For example, you can create classes using the “class” keyword in TypeScript.

Prerequisites for Learning TypeScript:

Working knowledge of JavaScript, object-oriented programming, and the command lines is assumed. The only prerequisites are a code editor and npm, the Node.js package manager.

  • You should have a good understanding of OOP concepts.
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of ES2015 JavaScript

How to Learn TypeScript Online?

The first thing you should do before learning TypeScript is to ask yourself how you learn best.

Do you prefer online tutorials, or do you prefer online courses? Do you want to work on projects as part of a team, or are you comfortable learning on your own? By considering this question in advance, you will be able to better understand what kind of material you should be looking for.

If you are planning to learn TypeScript, go with DevOpsSchool institute. Will provide you online and classroom training and certification course Program by an expert. To get in-depth knowledge of TypeScript along with its various applications, check out our interactive, live-online training.

Here you can see the TypeScript Course Agenda:

This course covers the basics of TypeScript and its main features. You will develop a critical understanding of why TypeScript is useful and how it can be combined with other web development frameworks. You will learn about the basics of TypeScript and its advantages. Then, you’ll cover more advanced topics like integrating TypeScript with other frameworks.

Because TypeScript is so popular, there is an incredibly active community of developers who know how to code using TypeScript.

When you start learning TypeScript, you should try to join one or two developer communities. These communities are places where developers talk about their learning and answer each other’s questions.

Hopefully, I think this information is helpful for you.

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