List of My Blogs Written in Aug 2023

S.No.Blog Name with Link
1.How to enroll students in a Moodle course?
2.How to add quizzes and assignments in Moodle?
3.How to set up grades and grading methods in Moodle?
4.How to customize the appearance of a Moodle site?
5.What are the different user roles in Moodle and their permissions?
6.How to create and manage user accounts in Moodle?
7.How to integrate external tools and plugins with Moodle?
8.How to create and manage discussion forums in Moodle?
9.What is iOS and How iOS Works & Architecture?
10.What is SQL and How SQL Works & Architecture?
11.What is MySQL and How MySQL Works & Architecture?
12.What is R and How R Works & Architecture ?
13.What is node.js and How node.js Works & Architecture?
14.What is arrays and How arrays Works & Architecture?
15.What is C Programming and How C Programming Works & Architecture?
16.What is and How Works & Architecture?
17.What is json and How json Works & Architecture?
18.What is ruby-on-rails and How ruby-on-rails Works & Architecture?
19.What is .net and How .net Works & Architecture?
20.What is sql-server and How sql-server Works & Architecture?
21.What is swift and How swift Works & Architecture?
22.What is Django?
23.What is angular and How angular Works & Architecture?
24.What are pandas and How Pandas Works & Architecture?
25.What is DevOps and Why We need DevOps?
26.What is Excel?
27.What is DataOps?
28.What is AIOps?
29.What is Framework and Why Frameworks used?
30.What is mlops and What is the feature of mlops?
31.What is Laravel and What are the Features of Laravel?
32.World’s Top 10 IT Certifications in 2023

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