AI and Gaming: What can artificial intelligence do for Gaming

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From finding bugs to creating a tailor-made experience for gamers, AI, artificial intelligence, has been involved in the gaming industry since the olden days. Video games have remarkably changed and are getting smarter, thanks to the artificial intelligence. In the gaming industry, AI usually focuses on algorithm development which imitates human behavior.

In 1952, artificial intelligence was introduced in chess, checkers, and “Nim”. But now, every game developer eye to create boundary-pushing games that produce realistic illusions, this is where AI comes in play. An extraordinary example of AI can be assessed in Red Dead Redemption 2 where non-playable characters of a game can interact with players in manners so detail-oriented that requires a multi-layered complex algorithm; an event happened to one player in RDR2 will never be experienced by any other player, it is so detail-oriented and user-focused.

Artificial intelligence has access to available information and data and creates a character and makes it perform various basic actions.

To perform such actions, AI is given plenty of data to give the best responses to certain stimuli. By using the given data, AI is making games more creative and smarter. Characters inside the game, via AI, self-learn from observing their behavior and player’s behavior, evolves respectively and progressively. This is achieved by reinforcement realization and design acknowledgment techniques.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is also making games look more and more real. Games like RDR2, GTAV, HALO, and F.E.A.R are perfect examples. AI is also enhancing the overall gaming experience by creating high-end and customized events. It is also revolutionizing the approach of game developers.

Game developers are now incorporating “Reinforcement Learning” in their game development to create a vivid and realistic gaming experience. Though Gaming, artificial intelligence might feel a bit static but it will surely continue to create a huge impact in the gaming industry.

Currently, new AI algorithms and processes are being developed and it will give game developers an exciting opportunity to further introduce a whole new concept in gaming, like artificial intelligence in virtual reality!

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