CII sets up forum on artificial intelligence

29Aug - by aiuniverse - 0 - In Artificial Intelligence


Industry body CII today said it has set up a forum on artificial intelligence (AI) that will prioritise four sectors for the current year.

Headed by IBM’s regional head Sandip Patel, the forum also interacted with NITI Aayog senior adviser Anna Roy on the government’s efforts to enhance the use of technology, while also focusing on the use of AI for public good.

The four sectors which have been prioritised are banking and financial services industries, retail, social (healthcare) and manufacturing (automotive).

The forum will seek to build a strong AI ecosystem by building awareness, skilling and re-skilling the workforce, helping shape a conducive policy and regulatory regime, and encouraging public-private partnerships in R&D, said a CII statement.

“The transformational potential of responsible AI-driven solutions can be used to fuel India’s growth story in a big way as the economy moves into the recovery and revival phase,” said the forum’s chief Patel.

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